Simple Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Simple Ways to Earn Bitcoin

With the price of bitcoin easily soaring over $2000, now is a great time to get into the cryptocurrency. Here are some Simple Ways to Earn Bitcoin. If you are new to bitcoins take a look at my Free Bitcoin Strategy to get started.

Bitcoin Faucets:

The easiest but least profitable way to earn bitcoin is though bitcoin faucets. Bitcoin faucets make money by displaying a lot of ads. The ad revenue allows the bitcoin faucet to buy large amounts of bitcoin. Bitcoin faucets allow you to claim satoshis at regular time intervals. Once you hit some satoshi threshold the faucet will deposit your earnings in your bitcoin wallet.  To get started with Bitcoin Faucets take a look at the list of my favourite Bitcoin Faucets.

Bitcoin Gambling:

The most risky way to earn bitcoins in through gambling. There is a great dice game called PrimedicePrimedice has a small faucet that gives you 150 satoshi every 5 minutes. You can use this small amount to earn more by playing their dice game. If you want to earn some bitcoin through gambling I would suggest you register at Primedice and get a deposit bitcoin address. Go to step 1 of this post and visit faucets. The faucet payouts will go directly into your Primedice account and you can use them to start gambling. I made a small video on gambling with bitcoin dice games!

Bitcoin Trading:

Some people consider trading a form of gambling. When trading you can win big, and loose big. Luckily the trading site I use, CEX.IO has very detailed data on the trends of bitcoin prices. CEX.IO offers two kind of trading, the traditional form, buy low and sell high. CEX.IO also offers a safer margin trading. Margin trading allows you to guess of the bitcoin price is going up or down. Guess right, you earn some cash! Read some more about CEX.IO margin trading!

Bitcoin Paid To Click:

A paid to click site is a site which pays you to click on an ad and watch it. Ad length varies from 5 to 60 seconds. The longer the ad, the more you get paid. For bitcoin I like to use


Bitcoin Games:

My favourite mobile game is 2048, the game where you swipe around to combine multiples of 2. Someone was nice enough to put this game online, surround it with some ads and pay you in bitcoin just for playing! Sometimes when I am bored, I like to load up bitcoin2048 and play a few rounds.


Have any other ideas about making bitcoin, let me know in the comments!

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