Paid To Click (PTC) Networks

Paid To Click (PTC) Networks
Paid To Click (PTC)

Hello Everyone! Besides bitcoins I find that PTC is the best way to make a passive income online! I have been using various PTC sites for quite a while and honestly I love it! Right now as I am writing this page I am watching an ad, I am getting paid to click.

The premise behind PTC is that you are paid some money to view an ad, this as can be for a YouTube video, this ad can be for a website, company or special offer. The great thing is that all you have to do is view the ad! You do not ever need to buy, click or accept anything.  Ads are typically fifteen to sixty seconds and will pay anywhere from $0.0005 all the way up to $200. While you are making all of your money, go ahead and do anything else! You have on average thirty seconds of free time while viewing the ad you clicked. Watch a video, read My Bitcoin Strategy, or do anything else you want to do!

Here I will be listing all of my favorite PTC websites, each one will link to a post about that site.  The review will consist of my own personal review of the PTC Network and will show off any earning that I have gotten from the PTC network!



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