Cex.IO, Bitcoin Exchange


First things first, sign up here!

Cex.IO is a cryptocurrency exchance website. This means that we can take say Doge Coins and put them into our cex.io account and trade them for bitcoins. We can ever sell our bitcoins for real money! That is why we are all here right? So lets get started!

Once you sign up for cex.io you need to find your finances page!



Clicking this will bring you to your totals, this page will show you all your currency balances. What we are interested deposit bitcoinsin is the BTC row, and more specifically the Deposit Button!

This will give us our new Bitcoin Wallet Address. In order to get bitcoins we need to have a bitcoin walled address. Now you may be thinking why are we using cex.io as a bitcoin wallet and not, a walled from blockchain? Well this is because cex.io allows you to use your saved bitcoins to buy what are called GHS or giga hashes. The more GHS you have the better! Simple cex.io allows you to use your bitcoins to mine for more bitcoins on their remote servers. Now you can earn bitcoins from all the sites you saw on the page before, deposit them into cex.io and have them work to earn you more bitcoins! See where I am going with this?

bitcoin wallet


I suggest you copy this address. We will be using it again!

That is it, you have finished the first step in My Bitcoin Strategy!

Take your copied address and click here! This will take you back to my list of free bitcoin sites. You will need your bitcoin wallet address to sign up for the rest!


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